Still standing for the people of Okanogan County

Honored to have had the opportunity to serve you in Okanogan County,  I am running for re-election as Okanogan County Commissioner.

The residents of our county can rely on my 30 years of service in local governments, including over three years now on the Okanogan County Board of Commissioners.  During this time, I have made every effort  to establish policies that will last.  Functional and enduring policies make it possible for future Commissioners to continue work in greater cooperation and collaboration with all departments, elected offices, and other agencies.  These accomplishments are a testimony to my deep understanding of how government processes work and what progress is necessary to achieve these goals.

I believe that the strength and prosperity of our rural economy lies in diversity. Growing and securing our county’s financial viability demands that we increase and expand the sources of revenue for our communities.

I am committed to continuing this good work for all the citizens of Okanogan County. With my leadership and experience and your support, together we can make these goals a reality.